Take your gym to new heights with Parkour Professionals

Join our community of owners & managers as we build our gyms with proven, sustainable business practices. Stay fresh with teaching tips to make classes more fun and effective, and get support from people who share your energy, focus, and passion for parkour.

How do I get involved?

Join us for our monthly virtual roundhouse meeting! It's a fun, free way to stay connected and have real-life discussions with like-minded folks. 

We meet on the 1st Monday of every month at 1:00PM EST, 10:00AM PST! Just click the button to join at the correct time!

Here's who's involved, now! Join regularly to have your logo featured!

Who are the Parkour Professionals?

We're a network of gym owners focused on growing our passions into careers improving our classes, all while staying true to our values.

Is there a cost? Nope! Our monthly meetings are free for gym owners and their teams. Join us!

What do we do in Parkour Professionals?

Monthly Live Virtual Trainings: Business Training

Running a parkour gym, or any obstacle-based facility, isn't a walk in the park. There's no handbook for instant success, but our group members share proven methods for growing our student base, increasing revenue, and creating a meaningful livelihood. You can expect to join us for regular online meetings to share and learn the best and latest business practices.

Live Community Group Support

We know - managing your business can be hard and lonely work. Within every training and meeting we hold, you can share and absorb information from fellow parkour professionals and stay up to date with what has been working. This way, you contribute to and benefit from an inclusive community of growth-oriented, like-mind people.

Parkour Professionals highlights

What will you learn as a Parkour Professional?

Identify deadly gym-killing habits that you may not know you are doing! Much like in class, sometimes a small correction can create a huge positive step towards your goals.
Insights and processes for hiring, training, and management your team, whether it's just one or 50+ employees; we've done it.
Tried and true frameworks for growing your gym. Learn from the mistakes of others, and skip wasting years of effort and energy!
Get your hands on resources and materials for sales training processes, advertising ideas, and marketing strategies.
Stay honest with yourself on how you're performing, and what could be better. Regularly review your Key Performance Indicators and get support on how to make them better!
Direct access to a whole community of successful parkour business owners in a safe environment share your struggles and get REAL solutions.

Who we are

We're your fearless industry leaders

We're Adam, Justin, and William, your three guides in the Parkour Professionals community. We created PkPros for gym owners because we have found success with our parkour gyms and we want you to, as well. We don't know everything, and we won't pretend to. However, we do have the experience and skills to host meaningful presentations, discussions, and interactions between members of this community. We know that you can make a comfortable and happy living doing what you love, and at PkPros, we can help.


Can my staff/team/helpers attend the meetings?

Yes! You can have multiple folks join the meeting!

I'm a very experienced parkour business owner. Is this for me?

For sure. You may already know how to run excellent classes, and how to run a profitable business, but people in this community are constantly evolving new, effective ideas. This is your way to stay sharp and connected to the latest trends, methods, and ideas.

I'm pretty new to all of this. Am I ready to be a part of this?

Yep, you're fine! Over time, we'll cover all of the ground you need to know. Frankly, you'll skip most of the mistakes that everybody else in this group made, by being a part of it. And that's worth a ton.

Is this format a top-down lecture, or more of a collaborative coalition?

Yes. It's both! We'll be presenting content that is tried and tested as what parkour businesses need. Also, we make space for the community to interact and share ideas, struggles, and strategies that work for them. We take all of that information, collect it, and make it accessible at any time via your portal!

Is there a cost or a catch?

Nope! Not on the website, not on the calls, nowhere. We're passionate about bringing the community together and we are passionate enough to be the driving force to make it happen. You won't be pitched or sold anything. Instead, we want to create an environment where we can share resources and ideas.

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Meeting Info:

1st Monday of the month @ 1pm EST / 10am PST

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